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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/31/14

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HOGUE MAKES ALL REGIONAL TEAM. Dustin Hogue made the All-Regional team for the East on the strength of his career game in the loss to UConn.

A COMET. DeAndre Kane's impact only lasted for a year in Ames, but he won't soon be forgotten.

NO WORRIES FOR NEXT YEAR. Kane says that the program will be just fine without him next year.

AYENI FULL OF ENERGY. New RB coach Louis Ayeni finds the best way to get energy from his players is by being energetic himself.

PRICE-GOUGING AT MSG. The East regional was by far the harshest on your wallet.

JUST HOW MANY UCONN FANS WERE THERE? Enough to make MSG loud enough that the Cyclones couldn't hear play calls.

CINDERELLA WILDCATS? Calling Kentucky a cinderella seems insane due to preseason expectations, but the Wildcats are an 8 seed heading to Arlington thanks to an instant classic win over Michigan.

STILL A BAD BASKETBALL LEAGUE. The SEC may have half the Final Four teams, but two elite teams doesn't change the fact it's still a bad basketball league.

FORD'S CONTRACT A BURDEN. So ten year contracts are a bad idea?

CAN'T SHOW HIGHLIGHTS? MAKE YOUR OWN. This TV station got around CBS' refusal to share NCAA highlights by making their own.

RIOT! Losing to Wisconsin is cause to riot. The highlight is this bro taking a bunch of pepper balls to the stomach without flinching.

STAMKOS SCORES... ON THE WRONG NET. Steven Stamkos did not use the powerplay to his team's advantage. He'd make up for it by scoring the OT winner though.

BEST OWN GOAL EVER? Determined to outdo Stamkos, these soccer players do just that.