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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/5/14

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DEANDRE'S JOURNEY. Where DeAndre Kane grew up was a far cry from his current residence of Ames, Iowa.

NIANG FRUSTRATED. Georges Niang didn't contribute much in the way of points or even minutes, and he's honest in his shortcomings.

PROVING HE BELONGS. Dustin Hogue has always had someone tell him he wasn't good enough, so he works extra hard to prove he belongs.

LENGTH FINALLY WINS OUT. Baylor's height advantage finally became a huge issue for the Cyclones last night.

LEADING AS A SENIOR. With much ado about Quenton Bundrage and Allen Lazard, it's easy to forget about Jarvis West, who lost a lot of 2013 due to injury, but Paul Rhoads believes West will lead the receiving corps.

LADIES LOSE TOO. Having homecourt didn't cause the ladies to fare much better than the men, as they lost to Baylor 70-54.

CHEAPSHOT? Georges Niang is super dirty, if you listen to a Baylor fan.

HURRY UP OFFENSES ARE LIKE CIGARETTES. Nick Saban is continuing to argue against fast paced offenses, this time using cancer as the link.

THE END OF THE ONE YEAR TRANSFER RULE? The players union (and their NCAA lawsuit) might accidentally kill off the mandated one year sit-out period for transferring schools.

GO MAC! Dan McCarney signed a 5 year extension to stay on at North Texas.

GET OUT OF THE WAY, REF! Trying to break up a hockey scrum has some bad repercussions.

A VIRGIN LIVING IN SIN. A.C. Green was the lone virgin on the oversexed Showtime Lakers team. How a man can be a virgin with the "world's moistest jheri curl" is beyond me.