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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/6/14

LEAVING A LEGACY. DeAndre Kane is spotlighted as one of 3 stars who could leave a legacy at their programs.

BIG 12 POTY. Seth Davis says it's a close call, but he's going with Melvin Ejim over DeAndre Kane.

BIG BIG 12 RECRUITERS. All of the football staff additions share the trait of being well versed in Big 12 recruiting.

THE FEMALE EJIM. She's not throwing up double Bookers yet, but Seanna Johnson is also playing the four while undersized.

THUNDER DUNK. Nevada's Deonte Burton is pretty impressive with the dunking.

BABB THROWN IN THE FIRE. The first assignment of Chris Babb's young NBA career? Guard Paul George.


SUCK IT, SABAN. The NCAA has decided to drop the proposal of a 10 second slow down rule.

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, SYRACUSE? The Orange are now 3 seed inhabitant in the newest Bracketology, while ISU checks in at a 4.

GREAT DIET, BRYCE HARPER. I wish I could get jacked by eating girl scout cookies.

BLOODSPORT OR HOCKEY? Things get a little bloody in hockey fights occasionally.

JAMIE CASINO'S GETTING A SHOW! The guy behind the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time is getting a reality show.