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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/1/14

None of these links are Aprils Fools jokes, I think.

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BIG HONORS FOR DEANDRE AND MELVIN. Melvin Ejim made second team All-American, while DeAndre Kane got honorable mention in AP's year end awards.

FRED'S GUIDE TO THE OFFSEASON. Otherwise known as Jeff Goodman's 2014 transfer list. Anybody look good on here to you?

IS IT DEJEAN-JONES? The Cyclones appear to be prominently involved with Bryce Dejean-Jones, UNLV's leading scorer last year.

UBBEN LOVES US? Looks like those of you that wanted to eat David Ubben should reconsider, as he has Iowa State first in his final Big 12 power rankings of the season.

SPRING FOOTBALL CENTRAL. has interviews with all the coaches.

MORRISSEY BECOMING A LEADER. With all the attrition on the defensive line, Cory Morrissey has decided it's his time to step up.

REEVES' CONTRACT. Jeremy Reeves signed with the Jets for the league minimum over 3 years.

NAADIR'S BIG ADVENTURE. Naadir Tharpe took a NSFW selfie of himself with a half nude woman (who may or may not be a school nurse and married mother). Bill Self is not pleased.

WIGGINS IS GONE. At least one of KU's nightmare producing twins is gone to the NBA next year.

GOOD DAY FOR THAT FAN. The Mets beat writers are also prone to doing Mets things.

A TYPICAL CUBS OPENER. The Cubs fail to score a run in a game where their catcher gets hit in the nuts.

IRONY, THY NAME IS YANKEE FAN. Yankee fans complaining about a player taking more money is something else.