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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/10/14

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WE MAY NEVER SEE ANOTHER VEISHEA. Steven Leath canceled all VEISHEA activities in the aftermath of the semi-riots on Tuesday night and future VEISHEAs (at least in present form) appear unlikely.

WOODY TALKS RIOTS. Jeff Woody has a nice take on the riots and how we should improve our behavior.

BIG TURNOUT FOR THE SPRING GAME? The spring game is still happening, and now you'll have no excuses to not show up!

DAMMIT IRVING. David Irving was caught holding an uprooted stop sign. He was probably just holding it up to give to police, right?

MEEKS RISING. Paul Rhoads is impressed with the progress Alton Meeks has shown during his redshirt season, while also backhandedly complimenting the much maligned Jevohn Miller.

MEET MR. LINGUIST. Maurice Linguist talks about how he likes Iowa State's secondary so far.

PRESEASON TOP 25 AGGREGATE. The Only Colors did a nice rundown of how teams were rated across the board by pundits. Iowa State averages out at 17, which seems about right before transfer season kicks in.

LUNARDI GIVES US A FIVE SEED. Joe Lunardi does what he does before he goes into hibernation for the summer.

NO CHERRY PIES. There's no more cherry pies. Way to go, rioters.

SO AGGIE. Well, this is certainly a very agricultural way to troll the Longhorns.

BRAVES HATE AMERICA. Atlanta accidentally burnt the American flag during their opening day.

WHICH IS MORE IMPRESSIVE? The throw or the splits?

GOODBYE, JOEL. Joel Embiid is off to the NBA... and just in time for my nightmares from him owning ISU to go away!

CARTWHEEL SAVE. Marc-Andre Fleury doesn't know where he is by the end of this save, but it's a save nonetheless.