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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/11/14

MORE HARDWARE FOR CUSTER. Clayton Custer picked up some more accolades from the Kansas City area, winning the DiRenna award.

TWO MORE TARGETS. Boston College transfer Ryan Anderson and JUCO Cinmeon Bowers are two big men that Fred Hoiberg might be interested in.

DUMBEST ARREST EVER? DeVondrick Nealy was arrested and taken to jail for having his car stereo too loud.

LINGUIST TEACHES SIMPLICITY. Maurice Linguist wants his DBs to focus only on the snap at hand.

TALKING DEFENSIVE TACKLES. Shane Burham assesses his position group going into the spring game.

MORRISSEY HONORS BRAY. Cory Morrissey is changing his number to 58 to honor his fallen DE coach.

TRIP TO ITALY. The Cyclone women's basketball team is heading to Italy this August.

A TRIP TO WATERLOO. Iowa State volleyball heads to UNI to play another weekend tournament.

HOIBERGSHUFFLE.GIF. SB Nation's list of best March Madness GIFs includes our dancing coach.

STALIN FOR HEISMAN. Jon Stewart points out NCAA hypocrisy in fantastic fashion.

NACHO SHAMING. Flyers fan gets up close and personal with his nachos on kiss cam.

DIKEMBE IS THE COOKIE MONSTER. It's almost like it's his own natural voice or something.

MEET THE BAG MAN. Steven Godfrey found a bag man, and he talks about paying recruits in the SEC. Excellent read.

HAWK HARRELSON BEING HAWK HARRELSON. Painting with broad strokes is funny, but probably not good for a White Sox broadcaster to be doing.

DGB CASE IS DISTURBING. Dorian Green-Beckham's been suspended, and the reasons as to why are pretty messed up.

JUGGLING IN THE KHL. Shooting while the puck on the ice is so old school.