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Hoiberg Gets Paid

Mayor Dreamy gets a hefty payday after Iowa State's Sweet Sixteen run.

Tom Pennington

Fred Hoiberg just led the Iowa State men's basketball team to one of their greatest seasons in school history that included 28 wins (2nd most in single season school history), a Big XII Tournament Championship, and the fourth Sweet Sixteen berth in school history.

After a season like that it was a no brainer for Jamie Pollard to pony up, and pony up he did.  Hoiberg has received a $600,000 annual raise that will rank him 11th nationally in salary, which is directly behind Arizona's Sean Miller and ahead of Texas' Rick Barnes .  For a coach who has done so much after staring with so little four years ago this is no small accomplishment.

Hoiberg's new average base salary will be $2.6 million and will include the same bonus and buyout structure that he signed in last year's 10 year contract extension.  That still means a school is going to pay a hefty sum to lure him away from Ames but NBA teams will be faced with only a $500K buyout multiplied by the remaining years on the contract.

The fact that Hoiberg's contract did not change may be concerning to some , but by accepting this pay raise the Mayor has all but guaranteed he will be roaming the sidelines in Hilton this winter with possibly the deepest team he's fielded to date.

With the pay raise out of the way the coaches, and fans, can all move on to the next phase of the basketball calendar: transfer season.  So when UNLV transfer Bryce Dejean-Jones visits this weekend it looks like dinner is on Hoiberg.

And finally this: