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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/17/14

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HOIBERG GETS IT. Randy Peterson basically pens a love letter to Fred Hoiberg.

POSITIONLESS. Kirk Haaland explains Fred Hoiberg's unique offensive system.

TRUSTING YOUR TEAM. Bobby La Gesse writes that trust is increasing among the Cyclone team, and that could certainly help on the field.

BEST TOURNEY GAMES. Mike Rutherford can't quit the NCAA tournament, so he's counting them down.

GET YOUR SUN BELT OUTTA HERE. James Madison would rather stay FCS than go to the Sun Belt.

TOM BRADY RULE COMES TO COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Low hits on passers are now illegal in college football.

ANOTHER TRANSFER TARGET? The presence of Bryce Dejean-Jones makes it unlikely, but USC's Byron Wesley is transferring, and he's already used to the Cyclone colors.

CUE THE HOIBERG RUMORS! Rick Adelman will not be back in 2014-2015 to coach the Timberwolves.

TRANSFER PROBLEMS. KSU's Leticia Romero isn't being allowed to transfer, and she's not happy about it.

BIZARRE STUFF IN MANKATO. Todd Hoffner was fired, then reinstated, but now some Minnesota State players are boycotting.

SIX DEGREES OF NICK SABAN. How every coach in college football is connected to the devil himself.

OUCH. Puck to the face is a bad way to end your night. At least Ryan Getzlaf's team won though.