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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/18/14

ROTHSTEIN'S BUYING BIG. Jon Rothstein suggests that Iowa State basketball is primed to make a big run in 2014-15.

TOP COMMITTED TRANSFER. list of the biggest transfers in college basketball this offseason is led by Bryce Dejean-Jones.

SPRING FOOTBALL RECAP. Cyclone.TV has a recap of spring ball.

VOLLEYBALL FALLS. Iowa State made a slew of errors andlost to Creighton.

HAITH TO TULSA. Frank Haith, perhaps taking the McDermott route of leaving for a mid-major before he gets canned next year, left Mizzou for Tulsa.

#ASKEMMERT. The Twitter hashtag to ask Mark Emmert questions didn't go so well.

CHANGE IN HARDSHIP WAIVERS? Instead of being eligible immediately in cases of hardship, the NCAA might change to an extra year of eligibility.

NOT TERRIBLE. Tracy McGrady made his baseball debut, and he wasn't totally awful. Most notable is that he plays for a team named the Skeeters.

TAIWANESE ANIMATED BOOSTERS. The bag man story is getting the best treatment a story can get.

MORE PITBULL! Timber now has an NBA playoffs remix. Great.

FOOTBALL IS KING IN TALLAHASSEE. A former FSU student talks about her perspective on the Jameis Winston ordeal with her own traumatizing experiences in mind.