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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/2/14

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DEANDRE SAYS GOODBYE. Off to train for the NBA draft, DeAndre Kane bids adieu to Ames.

CBS THIRD TEAM. Kane made CBS Sports' Third Team All-America team.

GOOD JOB, ISU FANS. NCCU coach LeVelle Moton thanks Iowa State fans for the support sent to his son.

THAT'LL DO, DUSTIN. Dustin Hogue's tournament stats were pretty eye popping, especially the FG%.

THE BEST AND WORST OF THE TOURNEY SO FAR. Georges Niang's injury is highlighted in the best and worst of the first two weeks of the NCAA tournament.

TAILGATE TOUR STOPS ANNOUNCED. Iowa State kicks off the 2014 tailgate tour at Henry Doorly Zoo.

HONORABLE MENTION FOR HALLIE. Christofferson was named honorable mention AP All-American for the second straight season.

MEET THE WIDE RECEIVERS. Tommy Mangino talks to CFTV about this year's crop of wideouts.

HANDPICKED BY MRS. RHOADS. When the time came to find a successor to Curtis Bray, Paul Rhoads leaned on his wife.

THE NORTHWESTERN DECISION. Grantland has a tremendous explanation on what the rulings mean and what the future holds for the players' union.

TEXAS IS GOING TO PLAY IN DUBAI. Steve Patterson wants the Longhorns to play some sporting events in Dubai due to Longhorn alums in the oil industry. 20 bucks says their first opponent in Dubai will be Iowa State!

REPLAY NEEDS FIXED. Nick Fasulo writes that video replay in college basketball needs some serious work.

IOWA'S ANSWER TO THE POLLARD BILLBOARDS? The University of Iowa is running ads for their summer classes in both UNI and Iowa State's student newspapers.

APRIL FOOLS DAY WINNER (SPORTS CATEGORY)? For me it's a tough call between Stanford's "announcement" of a 318 pound tight end, Chris Peterson revealing "new" uniforms to complete non-excitement (the story of the homeless dog makes the prank), and Joel Embiid's two tweets claiming he was moving back to Africa, then trolling on an NBA decision. You may have ruined the Cyclones this year, but I like your style, Mr. Embiid.

FINE WORK, ESPN. Ian Darke announcing a first date is a fantastic concept for a commercial.

SPEAKING OF SOCCER... Ian Darke's commercial is great, but the best way to get people to watch the World Cup is probably to get diving like this out of the game.