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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/21/14

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RECRUITING UPDATE. Travis Hines catches up with Iowa State targets and where they stand.

SPEED KILLS. Mitchell Meyers is upping his speed, and it's resulted in him producing more on the field.

LUKE'S BACK (MAYBE). Luke Knott finds out on May 20 if he'll be allowed to resume full-go practice.


POOR ENDING. The spring season for Iowa State volleyball ended with a loss to Nebraska.

CHEESE CURDS > KIRK FERENTZ. Iowa DL coach Eric Johnson is leaving the program to open a Culver's. This is not an Onion headline.

UNIONS, SCHOLARSHIPS, MEDICAL COVERAGE. All you need to know about NCAA changes.

ARTSY LOGOS. The 14 artsiest team logos ever. KU's looks especially horrible.

GOOD OL' FASHIONED HATE. Steve Edmonds wants you to know he's a Longhorn who hates Baylor and everything they stand for.

TRADE YOU, B1G. I guess Dan Beebe wanted to trade Jim Delany Big 10 for Big 12.

I PITY YOU, TINY MAN. Brendan Smith thought it would be a good idea to try to fight Zdeno Chara.

JUST A ROOKIE. So this Nathan MacKinnon fella might be hockey's next big thing, and he announced his arrival by breaking the ankles of a Wild defenseman.

SO SEC. This is a Razorback car, complete with snout.

JUST STOP, KENTUCKY FANS. Leg tattoos are all the rage right now.