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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/22/14

REST EASY. Squash those Hoiberg to Minnesota rumors.

BUT 'TIS THE SEASON. Chris Williams writes that we should get used to Hoiberg rumors every year around this time.

BIG TIME VISIT. Fred Hoiberg and Matt Abdelmassih are in NYC to check in with Cheick Diallo, a top 10 junior.

SCHOOL FOR GEORGES. Georges Niang was invited to participate in the Nike Big Man Skills Academy.

WHY SCHOLARSHIPS ARE NOT ENOUGH. The myth of the student-athlete.

BEAUTY GOAL. Mikael Granlund won the game for the Wild in overtime with his ridiculous goal.

WAY TO GO FSU. Instead of letting that terrible parody of "Royals" made by a Gator fan stand by itself, some idiot FSU fan tried to fire back, and it's worse.

NOT THE BEST WAY TO COMMIT. Referring to your new school correctly tends to be a good thing.

ROVELL SUSPENDED FROM TWITTER? Everyone's favorite punching bag made fun of some fat guy and is now suspended from Twitter.