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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/23/14

ELLENSON INTERESTED. Wally Ellenson supposedly quit basketball for track and field, but now is looking to get out of Minnesota and is looking at Iowa State. Remember, he also has a very highly touted younger brother currently in high school.

PAUL RHOADS TALKS QBS, MOORE. It looks like we're not getting a QB named until mid-August, and Devron Moore looks unlikely to return to Ames.


BITCOIN DISASTER. All your info are not (only) belong to Iowa State after some bitcoin mining exposed Social Security data to hackers.

TIM FLOYD TO MIZZOU? Jeff Goodman reports that the opening in Columbia interests Tim Floyd greatly.

WHERE IS MYLES TURNER GOING? Not Iowa State, but here's a ranking of who he'd help the most. Let's just pray it's not a Big 12 school.

ISAIAH AUSTIN GONE. The talented but poorly utilized Baylor big man is off to the NBA.

THESE PUNS ARE KILLING ME. The Toronto Sun made a Jurassic reference.

OH CARCILLO. The ultimate example of a player you like when he's on your team but hate when he's on the other team, a Philly fan and ex-Flyer Daniel Carcillo exchange pleasantries.

WE LOVE ADRIAN PETERSON. Here's a map of which athlete is Googled most in each state. West Virginia just can't quit Geno Smith.

DYSFUNCTION. Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner bring back some excitement not seen since the Jamaal Tinsley days to Indiana, getting into a fistfight before their playoff game.

PREMATURE BILLS. The Buffalo Bills accidentally published a story about coach Doug Marrone having cancer, then deleted it.