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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/24/14

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OFFENSE AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. Paul Rhoads says that the offense is ahead of where he thought they'd be, but a couple of years of Mess makes you wonder what those expectations were.

OFFENSIVE LINE SHUFFLING. Plenty of changes on the offensive line before practice starts in August again.

AYENI MOVING INSIDE. Not surprisingly, JUCO Terry Ayeni has been shifted inside to DT.

MEDDERS A SPRING STAR. Brandon Chatmon names Brett Medders as Iowa State's star in spring football.

RECRUITING UPDATE. The Cyclones are ahead of only Kansas in 2015 recruiting while the Texas schools clean up.

A TIE? The Cy-Hawk softball game was played yesterday, and ended after 5 innings with a 5-5 tie. BHGP has challenged us to a softball game to settle it. I think we got this.

DIRECTOR'S CUP STANDINGS. Iowa State is doing fairly well.

TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE? The NCAA is finally making some changes, but is it going to be enough to save amateurism?

THE ATHLETE ADVOCATE. Great longform read on Ramogi Huma's fight on behalf of NCAA athletes.

DON'T COME HERE, MYLES. Evan Berkowitz isn't going to be a popular man around Texas' campus after writing a letter telling highly touted Myles Turner to not come to his school.

NO FLOYD FOR MIZZOU. Tim Floyd is seemingly not a candidate to go to Columbia. Enter Larry Eustachy?

RUSSELL WILSON GETTING DIVORCED. Which is really just an excuse for us to be amused by that picture of his wife's excitement on draft day.


SADNESS AT AN EARLY AGE. It's to be expectedif you live your life as a Cubs fan.

WHICH WE MOSTLY ARE. The NYT has an interactive baseball fandom map, and as expected, Iowa is predominantly Cubs territory, but there's a surprising (or maybe not) number of Yankee fans here.