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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/28/14

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THE WORLD ACCORDING TO AYENI. Terry Ayeni hasn't played football for that long, but his world experience is second to none.

SAY NO TO BULLYING. Some Iowa State athletes partook in an anti-bullying campaign.

SCHOOL RECORD AT DRAKE RELAYS. The Cyclones came in second in the 4x1600, but it was good enough for a school record.

WRESTLING AWARDS BANQUET. The Cyclones capped off their season with an awards banquet to honor their athletes.

HATING ON YOUR OWNER. Clippers players aren't exactly happy with Donald Sterling's comments. Fans are making fun of Sterling's idiocy.

"THE PAINTING WAS A GIFT, MARK. I'M KEEPING IT." At least one recruit wasn't a fan of Mark Richt's hand-drawn portrait of him.

OF COURSE. The SEC has decided to stay with an 8 game conference schedule.

DANI ALVES 1, RACISM 0. Somebody threw a banana onto the pitch, so Dani Alves ate it.

DWIGHT MISSES A DUNK. Pretty embarrassing, Mr. Howard.

SO HOCKEY. The sport in which even the refs are tough.

THESE WORLD CUP COMMERCIALS ARE PRETTY GREAT. Another star studded soccer commercial, another hit.