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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/29/14

TRANSFER PARTY! Oregon State's Hallice Cooke and his 45.6% 3 pt shooting will be visiting Ames this weekend, where he'll hang out with Ryan Anderson.

ALREADY FAMILIAR. Cooke played for the same AAU program as Dustin Hogue, and just happened to catch Hogue's massive performance at MSG.

ELEVENTH BEST ODDS! Kentucky and Duke are the title favorites, but Iowa State is a sneaky 11th with 33/1 odds to cut down the nets next year.

FIVE STRAIGHT. Iowa State's lady golfers made it 5 straight years in the NCAA regionals.

AIR RAID FOR TCU. After co-owning the sputtering offense award with Iowa State last year, TCU is going to the air raid in hopes of scoring some points.

NASH IS BACK. Le'Bryan Nash is back for his senior season, which makes him probably the first player to ever announce his return 3 years running.

BETTER THAN QUICK CHANGE. A freakin' acrobat-dog was the halftime entertainment at Mavs-Spurs.

THIS DUDE ISN'T GETTING LAID. Spilling beer on your date while wildly flailing for a foul ball is a bad idea.

ISTANBUL DERBY. Soccer in Turkey's largest city is an interesting adventure.

SORRY FOR BOOING YOU, ROBBY. Robinson Cano surprises people who boo a billboard of him.

BEER MILE. I like one of these things. The combination sounds awful.