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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/3/14

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BRYCE DEJEAN-JONES VISITING. UNLV's leading scorer from last year is visiting Iowa State during VEISHEA.

MORRISSEY AND LUNA TALK EGGEN. The defensive ends talk about their new coach.


5 QUESTIONS WITH QUENTON. Quenton Bundrage talks to the Register about his expectations for the upcoming season.

STUDENT ATHLETES SHOULDN'T UNIONIZE. This NYT article was tweeted out by our own Jamie Pollard, because of course.

EARLY ENTRY RULES CHANGES. Jim Boeheim wants the NBA draft declaration process changed.

A BUNCH OF KENTUCKIANS IN INDY. Steven Godfrey got to see how ridiculous Indianapolis got last weekend when Louisville and Kentucky fans descended upon it.

PUCK TO THE MOUTH. If you were expecting it to look less terrible than this, you haven't watched hockey.

HEY GUYS, WHAT ARE WE DOING? Marcin Gortat just chilling in the Celtics huddle.

NEW FSU LOGO. The early press is that new Seminole guy looks like Elvis.

GOOD BUT SAD EFFORT. This A's fan dives for a foul ball, but just gets a lot of concrete.

WHAT IS COLON DOING? Pitchers having to bat is the greatest thing.