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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/30/14

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POSITION RANKINGS. Chris Williams ranks Iowa State's position groups after spring football.

LAZARD WILL GET CHANCE TO PLAY. Paul Rhoads states the obvious that Allen Lazard will get every chance to play as a true freshman.

TOURNEY LESSONS. The major lesson we can take away from this year's Madness is that it takes a lot of luck to win.

JUST WHAT PENN STATE NEEDED. A report has surfaced that James Franklin contacted a Vandy rape victim.

GOING HOIBERG. Missouri is going big by bringing back native son Kim Anderson.

BANNED FOR LIFE. Adam Silver was quicker to drop the banhammer on Donald Sterling than internet message board moderators.

HOW DOES BANNING WORK? Can the NBA really force Donald Sterling to sell the team?

DUMB. UCLA is rejecting Donald Sterling's $3 million gift for kidney research, because eff kidneys: black or white, amirite?

STUDY TAILGATE. At Alabama, they study at the library just like they tailgate.

PHILLY PHAIL. Celebrating a hat trick is hard when you can't get your hat through safety netting. But that's still better than getting beat up for being a troll Ranger fan.

VINTAGE BASEBALL. Checking out vintage baseball photos and the "Pete Rose test".

MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL. Meet Mr. Belding is a real life promotion for the Asheville Tourists. I sort of want to go now.