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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/8/14

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PERCY OUT. Percy Gibson is taking his left arm and transferring to a new school. Jokes aside, we wish Percy all the best and hope he finds a situation that gives him plenty of opportunities for success.

FOUR OF THE PAST SIX. The NCAA title-winning path continues to run heavily through Iowa State.

PRESEASON TOP 25s! There's already multiple preseason lists out: CBS Sports has Iowa State at 14, as does, while ESPN has the Cyclones slightly below that at 16.

QBS TALK COMPETITION. Joel Lanning, Sam Richardson, and Grant Rohach all talk about the competition they're in.

ALL-BIG 12 FOR IRVING? Paul Rhoads has high hopes for David Irving this season.

DEALING WITH ADDED ATTENTION. How does Quenton Bundrage plan to handle the extra attention defenses will give him this season?

WRESTLING REVIEW. A look back at what happened in Iowa State's wrestling season.

HOW SHITTY WAS THIS GUY'S NIGHT? Derek The RA tells his UConn residents to keep the noise to a minimum while watching the National Championship.

CELEBRITY CHAMPIONSHIP. Former presidents and Tony Romos were there to watch the game last night.

ONE SHINING MOMENT. Either the best or cheesiest part (or maybe both?) of the tournament every year. Naz Long yelling is featured.

ONE WHINING MOMENT. No Iowa State appearances in SB Nation's crylights, I believe.

UK TAT GUY IS KEEPING THE TATTOO. The Wildcat 2014 National Champs tattoo is here to stay.

SHABAZZ HAS HUNGRY NIGHTS? Shabazz Napier says before the game there's nights where he's unable to eat.

THEN TROLLS THE NCAA. "This is what happens when you ban us."

RIOT! UConn students celebrated pre-VEISHEA by smashing stuff.

DRAKE LOVES UCONN. The biggest bandwagon jumper in the game didn't really have a UConn shirt on. Turns out it's a James Young logo (seriously).