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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/9/14

A Tuesday VEISHEA Riot?

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RIOTS. A Tuesday night in Ames turned into 2004 VEISHEA all over again as cars were flipped over and one person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The Iowa State Daily has a gallery of pictures from the crowd.

DID HE HEAR WE LIKE TO RIOT? Bryce Dejean-Jones is set to visit this weekend, and he says he's heard good things about Iowa State.

FIRST TEAM FOR NIANG. Georges Niang scores a nod from Jeff Goodman as a preseason first team All-American.

MOST ASSISTS + BEST A/T RATIO. The Cyclones led the country in assists, and Monte Morris set the NCAA record for assist-turnover ratio.

SPRING GAME INFO. Here's all the info you need for the spring game on Saturday.

LEARNING OPPORTUNITY FOR WEST. Jarvis West used his downtime after last year's season ending injury to put in hard work towards this year.

STURDY TALKS QBS. Todd Sturdy talks fondly of the darkhorse in the QB race: Joel Lanning.

HARRIS CATCHING UP. The likely replacement for Jeremiah George started slow, but is making quick progress.

RHOADS LIKES HIS LINE. Paul Rhoads is saying good things about how his offensive line looks.

ROVELL IS A DOUCHE. Darren Rovell is now tattling on people who are mean to him on Twitter.

MASON PLUMLEE BLOCKS LEBRON. It might have been a foul, but it's a win for white basketball players regardless.

WE DON'T BITCH THAT MUCH! The relative bitching about refs by WRNLers was pretty low during the NCAA tournament.

KINGSBURY FLIRTS WITH RECRUITS' MOMS. Because of course he does. But Fred is still dreamier.

BARTOLO COLON JIGGLES HIS FAT. Baseball players are super in-shape.

DERRICK GORDON COMES OUT. The first active D1 male player has come out to the world. Good for Derrick.