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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/1/14

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THE RETURN OF T.J? Chris Williams has a list of possible replacements for Doc Sadler, and even lists Otzelberger's return as a possibility.

POT VS DRUNK DRIVING. Randy Peterson talks about how the NCAA's punishments on drunk driving and pot usage are completely out of whack.

HOIBERG TO THE LAKERS? Mike D'Antoni resigned, so the rumor mill can start up again.


DENIED. Raptors fan goes in for the kiss and gets Mutombo'd.

"FORGOT TO PAY." Jameis Winston, grand seafood thief.

BURNT ORANGE TURNER. Myles Turner is a Longhorn, and Barking Carnival is excited.

WHAT IF STERLING OWNED A BASEBALL TEAM? A comparison of Sterling to some pretty awful baseball owners over the years.

NO CARDS FOR TACKLING RIOT POLICE. Studs-up challenges on riot police aren't a card-worthy offense.

NEW LEXUS AND A RANGERS WIN? This guy is in heaven.

CALLING OUT YOUR OWN FANS. The Brooklyn Nets want their fans to be more like Raptors fans (louder, not more Canadian)