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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/12/14


OPA! The Cyclones picked up a commitment from GigantoGreekGuy Giorgos Tsalmpouris.

JACQUES, DEON, ERNST ALSO GETTING SHOTS. Free agent contracts and tryouts for the three Cyclone standouts.

RECRUITING GOING WELL. The recruiting trail is a happy place for Fred Hoiberg and company right now.

NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP BOUND! Iowa State womens' golf is off to the the NCAAs for the first time ever.

NEBRASKA HAVING SECOND THOUGHTS? An interesting Omaha World-Herald on football taking a backseat in the B1G.

THE GREAT LEADER IS ALSO A GREAT SCORER. Vladimir Putin laces up the skates and scores a bunch of goals.. mostly because nobody will defend him.

CHARLES GONNA HATE. Charles Barkey will not back off his comments about San Antonio women being fat.

PAPER AIRPLANE OF DOOM. I need to figure out how this dude made his paper airplane.

NBA FASHION WILL ALWAYS CONFUSE ME. Dwyane Wade is wearing part of some overalls.

BOO THIS MAN! Jets fans boo everything at the NFL draft.

SAM DRAFTED. Michael Sam made history as the first openly gay player drafted, and Marshall Henderson doesn't like it.

STERLING SEEMS REMORSEFUL. Donald Sterling did an interview with Anderson Cooper, and he might actually feel bad about what he said. The full interview airs tonight.

THE NEW WATERGATE. Shawn Thornton of the Bruins was fined for squirting P.K. Subban with water, and Henrik Lundqvist thought it was a cool strategy to use on Sidney Crosby a day later.