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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/14/14

TAILGATE TOUR. Day one of the traveling Cyclone band is in the books.

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT FOR MONTE. Monte Morris catches up with Matt Shoultz about last year and the future of the program.

STRONG/WEAK. The strong and weak parts of Iowa State's 2014 football team.

OREGON STATE MIGHT HAVE THEIR MAN. Maybe only of interest due to Hallice Cooke, but the Beavers and Ben Howland did not agree to a deal, and Damon Stoudamire is the likely choice.

OKLAHOMA COMPLIANCE IS GETTING WEIRD. Gabe Ikard's girlfriend had to sign an affidavit claiming she wasn't dating him because he was a football player.

MAYBE IT'S NOT THAT CRAZY THOUGH... Given what Boise State had to tell fans who want to help out a homeless Bronco.

ANGRY DOC. Chris Paul put the nail in the coffin, but the ref-aided Clippers collapse last night had Doc Rivers in a bad mood.

IN THE FACE. A fan swimming in the Diamondbacks' outfield pool was hit with a home run ball.

GRAMMAR NAZI LINEMAN. If you're going to tweet Eagles OL Evan Mathis, have good grammar.

MONTREAL HATES BOSTON. Canadiens fans are really not loving the Bruins, (though apparently the Chara effigy couldn't possibly be from Montreal based on the establishment)

SASH MAKES DEADSPIN. The former Hawkeye gets the Deadspin treatment for his drunken fun.

DAMMIT CLAY. Notable troll Clay Travis says the real victim here is Donald Sterling.