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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/15/14

HAPPY IN AMES. Fred Hoiberg talks to the Omaha World Herald about all the NBA rumors.

CYCLONE GAME BUS. In today's segment, coaches play Catch Phrase.

THAYER EVANS JUST GOT A BONER. Oklahoma State's crappy APR means they'll be spending one less day on the field for practice next season.

HOW TWO STARS GET DRAFTED. How do little known kids out of high school get to the NFL?

KINGSBURY TINDER. EDSBS made a fake Kliff Tinder account, and there's a ton of ladies interested.

THE CALL WAS RIGHT? The controversial call at the end of Clippers-Thunder was reviewed by the NBA, and it was the right call.

AN ENFORCER'S LIFE FOR ME. Longform on the life and times of an NHL enforcer fighting to stay in the game.

HEY, IT WENT IN! Even Patrick Kane isn't always sure if he scored a legit goal or not.

GONE FISHING. Brooklyn's out of the playoffs, and this mural sums it all up.

LUCIC ISN'T GOING DOWN GRACIOUSLY. The handshake line at the end of an NHL playoff series is usually a nice, respectful occasion, but Milan Lucic is breaking down tradition.

ONE OPENING DOWN. The Warriors job is no longer available for people to talk about Fred Hoiberg going to, as Steve Kerr accepted the job.

HE'S PROBABLY BEEN DRINKING WITH THE FOUNTAIN LADY. Royals announcer Rex Hudler thinks the moon is a planet.