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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/16/14

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INTERVIEW WITH A MELVIN. Ejim interviewed by the Orlando Magic at the draft combine.

GET IT, MEL. That range improving thing Melvin's been doing for the last couple of years is still happening at the combine.

ALL CREDIT TO DREAMY. DeAndre Kane is giving all the credit for his NBA chances to Fred Hoiberg.

KIRBY IN TAMPA. The Tampa Times did a nice little writeup on the best fake punt-running punter in the world.

MORRISSEY ON WATCHLIST. Cory Morrissey is on the Lott IMPACT trophy watch list.

MCTHREE STILL BALLING. Tyrus McGee is still lighting it up from the arc in Europe and hopes to make it to the NBA one day.

WHICH QB STARTS? Which of the three quarterbacks starts if the season was upon us?

SABAN IS ANGRY. Pat White claims he was offered a Corvette to play for Alabama, which made Nick Saban angry.

SERIOUS STUFF IN MINNESOTA. Don't you dare think of keeping that Ortiz home run ball, little girl.

THE AIR UP THERE. Andrew Wiggins has a pretty impressive vertical.

SO THE USA HAS A SHOT? Sepp Blatter admitted giving Qatar the World Cup was a mistake and it might have to take place during the European winter, which means a lot of very very tired players.

THIS IS SO IOWA STATE. Our beloved university is researching using Oculus Rift to make chickens think they're free range chickens.

THIS IS SO SINGLE A BASEBALL. The hero cat that saved a boy from a raging dog will "throw out" the first pitch at a baseball game. Seriously.