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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/19/14

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TZATZIKI-TACULAR. Giorgios Tsalmpouris has signed his letter of intent with Iowa State.

TRIP TO NYC IN THE CARDS. Giorgios clearly signed for his opportunity to head to the Barclays Center to play against South Carolina.

FIRST FINALS SINCE 1953! Men's golf is also heading to the NCAA finals, while the women prepare for their first ever.

RELAX, GENTS. Paul Rhoads wants his players to take a break before hitting summer workouts hard.

MCCABE MAKES DEADSPIN. Zach McCabe was tired of a guy talking shit to him over Twitter, so he dropped him at the bar.

HA, TRAVIS FORD. Thanks to USA Today's coaching salary database, we know that Oklahoma State paid Travis Ford significantly more than Iowa State paid Fred Hoiberg.

SWEET CHIP. Obafemi Martins' no-angle chip is pretty amazing.

AUBURN IS CONFUSING THEMSELVES. 2 National Titles? 5 National Titles? Just claim them all.

WOLF EYES. NC State has a new helmet, and it's supposed to be scary.

RUGBY IS A CRAZY SPORT. Get punched in the face by an opponent? Congratulate him!

DON'T HIT ON ANDRE'S MOM. Andre Drummond is not going to stand for you hitting on his mom on his Instagram account.

FREE HOOKERS! Madrid is going to be flowing with free hookers now that underdog Atletico Madrid won the league.