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Hallice Cooke Chooses Iowa State

After subsequent visits to St. Joseph's and Dayton, Oregon State transfer guard Hallice Cooke has decided to commit to Fred Hoiberg and the Cyclones.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

And then there were zero.

Scholarships, that is.

Per eleventy billion sources at this point and this neat photo of Fred Hoiberg taking the phone call during his Cyclone Tailgate Tour stop in Knoxville, Hallice Cooke is officially an Iowa State Cyclone. He will sit out next season and be eligible to play in 2015-16.

All 13 scholarships for 2014-15 have now been spoken for, and frankly there aren't enough bro hugs, handshakes or tweets on the entire planet to properly commend lead recruiter Matt Abdelmassih for the job he's done this offseason helping dole the final three out. It began with Bryce Dejean-Jones (with the help of that renowned Hoiberg pound cake), continued today with the official signing of Greek God of Hoop Georgios Tsalmpouris, and tonight Cooke will finally tie a bow around the 2014 free agency transfer period.

There was mild skepticism that the "right guy" might be able to lure Cooke back to Corvallis, but those rumors seemed to subside when Ben Howland rather quickly removed his name from head coaching consideration at Oregon State. It was then down to St. Joseph's, Dayton (where Cooke just wrapped up a visit) and Iowa State, and the 6-3 guard chose the latter.

More to come very soon on the hypothetical makeup of the 2015-16 basketball team when Cooke becomes eligible, and folks, it's something to get real excited about.