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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/2/14

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JULY FOR A DOC REPLACEMENT. Fred Hoiberg is in no rush to replace Doc Sadler.

EARLY FRONTRUNNER? Charlie Henry, Iowa State's current director of player development, is the early favorite for the job.

CHILLIN' WITH YANCY. Chris Williams hangs out with Yancy McKnight and talks about the progress of Iowa State players.

DRAFT PREP. Only a week before Kirby and Jeremiah might get their names called at the NFL draft.

SIMMONS MAKES A PREDICTION. I hope you're as sad about this being wrong as when the Patriots blew their undefeated season, Bill.

NOTRE DAME COACHES AREN'T HIP. Reading tweets from their players is hilarious.

THARPE OUT. The selfie master of the Big 12 is leaving KU to be closer to his daughter.

BEEFTANK HITS NBA 2K. Clarence Beeftank is back, y'all!

JAMEIS LEGS. An Alabama grocery store is selling Jameis Winston crab legs.

THIS IS SO OREGON. Oregon has special uniforms just for their spring game.

FREE BASEBALL FOR DADS. Sneaking into a game with just a baby bottle.

WWE SCRIPTS. They're actually remarkably simple, with wrestlers mostly made to improvise for themselves.