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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/20/14

COOKE COULD ALWAYS SHOOT THE THREE. Hallice was once featured in SI's Faces In The Crowd for leading the country in 3 point percentage. No wonder Hoiberg wanted him.

THE MAYOR IS KING. Cedar Rapids welcomed Fred Hoiberg during the tailgate tour and he compared Mr. Tsalmpouris to Julius Michalik.

EJIM GETS A HAND. That NBA rolodex that Fred Hoiberg boasted about upon his hire is being put to full use for Melvin Ejim.

I THINK THIS IS CONSIDERED PROGRESS. We're just over four years removed from the McDermott era and now, winning is associated with Iowa State basketball.

NOT REALLY SITTING OUT. Hallice Cooke has a year to wait before he gets to play in games, but that doesn't mean he won't be working.

DESTROYING THE TRANSFER GAME. The mothership has a writeup on how the transfer experiment has gone for the Cyclones. Good read, even if it does seems to diminish the fact that the best player on the team will still be a career-long Cyclone.


GAME BUS EPISODE 3. Coaches are still dueling.

FARNIOK ON RIMINGTON WATCH LIST. Tom Farniok's play has earned him a nod for the Rimington watchlist.

SOUTH ENDZONE PAYING OFF ALREADY. Shane Burnham notes that recruits are just as excited about Jack Trice becoming the third largest stadium in the Big 12 as he is.

WE'RE CERTAINLY BETTER OFF THAN AUSTIN PEAY. They have a massive sinkhole in their stadium endzone.

MACK BROWN'S ADVICE. Don't go on Jerry Springer, kids. Mack sounds like he knows from experience.

EVEN MCDONALD'S IN JAPAN IS WEIRDER. They have some exotic fare for the World Cup.

OUTTA MY WAY, GRANDMA. This bro at the Angels game was getting his foul ball, even if he has to run over an old lady.