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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/21/14

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HOIBERG ON COOKE AND TSALMPOURIS. Chris Williams caught up with Fred Hoiberg on his two new signings.

THE STORY OF TROY. Troy Davis overcame homesickness to become the ridiculous, almost-Heisman-winning running back we all know.

GAME BUS EPISODE FOUR. Another day, another episode.

HOW DOES IOWA STATE STACK UP? Randy Peterson predicts the Cyclones to finish no worse than fourth next year. In basketball, of course.

FIRST ROUND GOLF UPDATE. The ladies have finished their first round at the NCAA Championships.

THE THREE TOUGHEST COACHING JOBS. Talking to Ken Niumatalolo, Troy Calhoun, and Jeff Monken about coaching at the service academies.

CLEVELAND STILL GETTING REPARATIONS. How many first overall picks does Cleveland get because of LeBron leaving?

AND THE HIGHLIGHT WAS MALLORY EDENS. New Bucks owner Wesley Edens trotted out his daughter Mallory and the masses freaked out.

CAT THROWS OUT FIRST PITCH. That hero cat first pitch turned out as lame as we all expected.

NBA FASHION IS ALWAYS HORRIBLE. Dwyane Wade wears some weird combination.

IS IT BAD I KINDA WANT ONE? NFL ugly sweaters are a thing now.

NFL STADIUM EXPERIENCES. As expected, Philly isn't great.