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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/23/14

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BETTER IN 2015. Fred Hoiberg discusses what he thinks might be improved about his team next season.

AMES WATER IS THE BEST! Every Day Should Be Saturday and BHGP both found out about the best terrible tourism video ever.

NOSTALGIA. Troy Davis didn't make the college football hall of fame, so let's watch some highlights.

REMEMBERING 1953. Cyclone Sidebar takes a look back at the last men's golf team to make the NCAA finals.

CHAYANUN IN THIRD. The women are currently in 22nd, led by Chonlada Chayanun's third place standing.

ROLL TIDE. Even when your primary concern is getting arrested for drug charges, make sure your secondary concern is ROLL TIDE.

BATDOG. The ACC tournament features a dog who fetches bats.

LEMON-Y NIGHTMARES. The new Lemonhead mascot haunts the Blackhawk game.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL. The final is Cinderella story Atletico Madrid vs mega money Real Madrid, who deploys a roster paid more than three times as much as Atletico's.

IS THIS REAL LIFE? This sexual harassment lawsuit against Johnny Manziel is so incredible it has to be BS (and yet legit filed), but it's still incredible.

DONOVAN OFF TEAM, FANS GO OFF. Landon Donovan was not selected for the 23 man World Cup roster, and everyone had an opinion.

JUST OVER HERE TOSSING REFS. Dan Carcillo wants to join the fight so bad, he's willing to elbow a ref.