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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/27/14

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ULTIMATE DREAMY. The Register put out the ultimate photo gallery of Fred Hoiberg.

AIM HIGH. The level of recruits that Fred Hoiberg is pursuing is at a level not usually associated with Iowa State..

THREE TOP 8 FINISHES. Tanner Weatherman, Gabe Moreno, and Luke Goettl all performed well at University Nationals this weekend.

END OF A HISTORIC SEASON. The mens' golf team finished in 25th at the NCAA tournament.

MIND GAMES FAILED. Lance Stephenson said that LeBron was showing weakness in game 3, so LeBron went ahead and destroyed the Pacers in game 4.

WORST PENALTY KICK EVER. Hey, if it was on target, it would have at least made it to the keeper.

SCISSORING THE POST. Xerxes would appreciate this Finnish hockey player's drive to the net.

POPOVICH TROLLING. After Serge Ibaka's miraculous return from a "season-ending injury", Gregg Popovich couldn't resist trolling when discussing Manu Ginobili's injury.

HERO LADY. Saving a baby from a foul ball bat.

LESS THAN HEROIC DUDE. This is just a disgusting thing to do, sir.