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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/28/14

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NO BOWL GAME, GUYS. Here's a shocker, Iowa State isn't projected to go to a bowl this year.

IMPROVEMENT! Iowa State finished in the "first division" of the Big 12 all-sports rankings for the first time ever.

NEW RECRUITING ASSISTANT. Former GA Mitchell Moore is now an assistant for football recruiting.

THE VEER? Is Iowa State really going to run the veer this year? (ha, I rhymed)

HALLIE SIGNS. Hallie Christofferson will start her post-Cyclone career in Austria.

CONFERENCE WARS. If the Power 5 conference teams played each other in pods.

B1G SPELLING? A recruit claims that both Michigan and Ohio State don't know how to spell.

CLEVELAND'S PITCH TO LEBRON. This rappin' grandpa is making his case for LeBron to return to his home state.

"SORRY, I THOUGHT YOU WERE MARCHAND." Mic'd up with Patrice Bergeron gives us an interesting perspective on hockey culture.

ONE TIME ZONE. Not sure if all of ESPN's efforts to market the World Cup will pay off in the ratings, but you can't blame the commercials, because they're excellent.

50 CENT IS NOT A BALL PLAYER. His first pitch at the Mets game was beyond awful.

PROPHETIC. Those eighth graders at jeopardy winner Julia Collins and novelist Stephanie Meyer's middle school are fortune tellers.