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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/29/14

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RECRUTING WITH MATT. Chris Williams sits down with Matt Abdelmassih about his time on the recruiting trail.

RULES ARE WEIRD. It's Randy Peterson's fault Iowa State had to self-report to the NCAA for a violation while recruiting Rashad Vaughn. #blamerandy

UHHHH, NCAA VIOLATION? Kliff Kingsbury exploited bottle service girls for good football practices.

NO WVU FOR YOU. Rich Rodriguez signed his new contract at Arizona, which includes a larger buyout were he to leave for Morgantown.

AGE LIMIT DRAFT. What if there was the 20 year age limit in effect for this year's NBA draft?

YOU'RE A WEIRD DUDE, LANCE. Lance Stephenson's job has been to get into LeBron James' head, and after 5 games, he finally managed to succeed by creepily blowing into LeBron's ear.

RAPPIN' DOUG COLLINS. Doug Collins knows "What Happened To That Boy".

IS THIS BAD? Luckily for this goalkeeper, this own goal was waved off.

BEAT BY A PUNTER. Charlie Whitehurt lost his jersey number to a punter in an arm wrestling battle.

THIS SOUNDS UNETHICAL. The story of the Atlanta Braves' new ballpark.

DAMON'S PAYBACK. The Red Sox honored the 2004 team yesterday, and Johnny Damon got to cut off Manny Ramirez's throw this time.