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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/5/14

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HALLICE LIKES AMES. Hallice Cooke is going to take all his visits, but he's a big fan of Fred Hoiberg (who isn't?) so far.

DUH. His Dreaminess says that the Sweet 16 run has been massive for recruiting.

WHAT IF? Georges Niang finally answers the big question about the Cyclones' chances in the NCAA tourney with him healthy. Props to Georges on answering confidently while not being overly presumptuous.

THE NBA BUZZ DRONES ON. Fred Hoiberg is getting used to all the mentions tying him to NBA jobs, but he likes it at Iowa State and wants to be here for a long time.

VIC MILLER WINS AWARD. Iowa State's assistant athletic trainer and Melvin Ejim knee miracle worker gets recognized by the Big 12.

NOT GUILTY PLEA. Abdel Nader put in a not guilty plea for his OWI arrest on Friday.

MISSISSIPPI BRINGS OUT THE BEST. 12 Cyclone track and field athletes put up personal bests at their meet in Starkville this weekend.

CALL ME A MONKEY? I'll dance like a monkey.

WORST LINE CHANGE EVER. 3 falls for the price of one.

JUST LIKE CELEBRATING THE ICE BOWL WIN OVER KANSAS. Celebrating your soccer club's avoidance of relegation is the best celebration.

BUSINESS CASUAL. Dude at Talladega is rocking just a tire.

CR7 MAGIC. Cristiano Ronald is pretty good at this soccer thing.