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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/6/14


FOOTBALL POSTER! You can get the new football poster as a desktop wallpaper, and while it looks like a MegatronCyclone ready to eat children, it's still way less communist than last year's edition.

JUST KILLING TIME. Jeremiah George spends most of his days leading up to the draft watching TV.

NFL DRAFT PREVIEWS. Jeremiah George and Kirby Van Der Kamp get the treatment. You can practically see the hidden anger Paul Rhoads has towards the Messingham offense as he talks about a great punter being a weapon.

HILTON SOUTH DVD. Well, there's no commemorative coins being minted, but you can get season DVDs.

PRODUCTION OVER POTENTIAL. A list of big names from college football who don't have the draft stock to match.

TROUBLE IN NIKE WORLD. Oregon basketball has suspended/booted 3 players from its program after a rape investigation.

COREY PERRY, MASTER TROLL. Corey Perry is a world class dick. Acts like that, and "accidentally" crashing into goalies don't get him appreciated by Jonathan Quick, who punched him in the dick.

TAGGED IN THE NUTS. Following the crotch hitting trend, Erick Aybar was tagged out in a not so pleasant area.

TOUCHLINE DAD. The worst sports parent.

ARENAS AND TMAC ARE JUST PLAIN MEAN. Roy Hibbert is having a terrible playoffs, and Gilbert Arenas is doing his best to get Hibbert on full blown suicide watch. Tracy McGrady also wants to join in.

LET'S RUIN MIGHTY DUCKS! Former NHL ref Kerry Fraser addresses some of the oddities about the classic film.

"DONALD STERLING" IS THE ALTERNATE WORD FOR RACIST NOW. Jeremy Lin is using it in his tweets about Chandler Parsons.