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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/8/14

MIKE ANDERSON IS COMING BACK TO HILTON. Iowa State will host Arkansas as part of the Big 12 - SEC Challenge.

YOGA KIRBY. Kirby Van Der Kamp is getting ready for the draft with yoga.

MORENO GETS STUDENT-ATHLETE NOD. Gabe Moreno received recognition for his 3.31 GPA.

SO I CAN'T LAUGH AT THE BIG TEN? The B1G tourney being moved to Washington, DC isn't that stupid.

WALKUP DRAFT MUSIC. Players get to choose their own walkup music if they get selected in the NFL draft today.

A BEAUTIFUL CORPSE. No, this isn't about necrophilia... it's about the life and death of the XFL.

FAKEOUT CITY. A freekick with five dummies.

AH, THE 3SUS SLEEVE. Did you know the shooting sleeve popularized by Allen Iverson was somewhat of a happy accident?

PLAXICO'S GUARANTEE. You've heard of athletes guaranteeing victories for the team that they play on, but Plaxico Burress is making guarantees for the Penguins (or he just doesn't know how many periods are in a hockey game).

T-REX TAKING OVER. Throwing out first pitches at Padres games now.

NICE GUYS FINISH LAST. This ballboy saves a fan from getting jacked with a baseball, and his reward is a face full of seat.

MIKE WISE HATES RAP MUSIC. The guy just found out what kind of music is played in NBA locker rooms.