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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/10/14

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CHARLIE HENRY HIRED. 28 year old Charlie Henry is Fred Hoiberg's new assistant, replacing Doc Sadler. Chris Williams has more on how he got the job.

MEEKER COMMITS. For the third straight year, the top-ranked recruit in the state chose the Cyclones. This time, it's Cedar Rapids' Bryce Meeker.

IOWA CORN CY-HAWK DAY. Yesterday was officially declared the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Day at the State capitol, for whatever reason.

NEWCOMER GALLERY. Check out the newcomers to campus for the fall football season. Brandon Blaney and Will Windham's picture is the best.

HEART WALK. The Des Moines Heart Walk is a cause near and dear to Fred Hoiberg and Bill Fennelly's... err... hearts.

MACK'S EFFECT. Ah, Texas, truly the program college football revolves around, at least with coaching moves.

STERLING STILL SUING. Donald Sterling has changed his mind and will sue the NBA, which means he's somewhat suing himself.

THIS QUICK FELLOW IS PRETTY GOOD. A shutout and a 3-0 series lead for Jonathan Quick due to some amazing saves.

SORRY FOR CALLING YOUR HORSE A COWARD. The Wilford Brimley lookalike owner of California Chrome is now apologizing for his comments after losing the Triple Crown.

OH ENGLAND. Dark horse, no hope, or high hopes for the World Cup? For England, it's all three.

BRAZIL... JUST A BIT OF A FAVORITE. FiveThirtyEight has all the odds for advancing in the World Cup.

NOT A WISE INVESTMENT. For their ridiculous spending, Brazil is likely to only see very small economic growth.

DARTH VADER HIT HIM. This German youth coach shows his team how to flop correctly. Maybe that's who taught Dwyane Wade to flop?