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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/11/14

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LOTS OF LOVE. Stevie Johnson catches up with Mike Green about what he's doing these days, and how much he still loves Ames.

CAUTIOUS OPTIMISM. Charlie Henry is fresh on the job, with high hopes for next year's team.

AN ASSIST FROM A HAWKEYE. New Cyclone commit Anthony Nelson was pushed towards Iowa State by his dad, a former Hawkeye player.


JENSEN'S RETURN. A random text message from Paul Rhoads brought Brandon Jensen back to the team.

HARDCORE MORRISSEY. Cory Morrissey is disciplined on and off the field.

NO NIANG FOR TWO WEEKS. If you're planning to go to Cap City to see Georges Niang play, hold off a couple of weeks.

THIRD DOWN CONVERSIONS ARE KEY. The three worst teams in 3rd down conversion in the Big 12 last year all have new offensive coordinators.

A LADY IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. An interview with Shelby Osborne, the first female to play defensive back in college.

AN AMAZING HALF. The Spurs started the first 16 minutes of Game 3 shooting 90 percent on their way to a record setting half.

THEY GIVE ANYBODY PRESS CREDENTIALS NOW. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Erik Spoelstra were not amused by "reporter" Bobby Ramos' questions.

WITCH DOCTOR FAIL. Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have fought off the witch doctor curse and is now free to decimate the U.S.

WE'RE ALL RACIST! Sepp Blatter says all the critics of playing in Qatar's blistering heat are racist.