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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/12/14

World Cup Edition!

TOP 5 NBA PREPPER. Fred Hoiberg gets ranked as the #5 coach in the land for preparing his players for the NBA.

BUBU AND LARRY. Bubu Palo is off to finish his college eligibility off at Colorado State. We wish him the best of luck.

MINI ELLERMAN? In the quest to find a replacement to #ELLERMANTIME, perhaps #STENNYTIME will do.

IN-STATE RECRUITING UPDATE. Chris Williams updates us on recruiting within the state of Iowa, with the most notable piece that the two schools aren't offering each other's recruits.

BIG GET FOR FENNELLY. Top 30 recruit TT Starks will join her friend Seanna Johnson in Ames to play for Iowa State.

COULD BE A LOT WORSE. That Big 12/Big East merger that would have happened during conference realignapocalypse looks... passable.

OKOROS LOOKING GOOD. Iowa State's dual Okoros both set career marks at the NCAA Outdoor championships.

SAVED BY SNOW. The Rangers almost blew another two goal lead to the Kings, but a pile of snow saved them.

NIFTY DEE. There's normal double plays, then there's what Dee Gordon pulled off.

THE BIG FOUR? The Heat are looking to make a run at Carmelo Anthony to add to their Big Three. Because that's what the rest of the NBA needs.