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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/16/14

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ELIGIBLE EARLY? Jameel McKay says he might be able to play earlier than semester, mentioning that his case is "looking good." Of course, he also qualified it with "But with the NCAA, you never know." Which means he'll probably be suspended for the whole season now.

A BETTER GEORGES. Georges Niang is back, and he talks about eating better.

HOW THE MANGINOS CAME TOGETHER. The path that led father and son to work together includes getting run over by a linebacker as a child.

BIG TIME FOR OKOROS. Both sisters capped their careers with first team All-America nods.

SECOND TEAM ALL-AMERICAN. Katy Moen put on the race of her life in the NCAA track and field finale.

#6 NON-CONFERENCE. Athlon ranks the Big 12's non-conference games, and Iowa State - Iowa checks in at 6.

SOUTH KOREA? Jake Trotter gave the World Cup teams Big 12 brethren, and Iowa State is paired with South Korea.

USA-GHANA TODAY! A preview for the most winnable game of the group stage for the Outlaws.

THE LAST AMERICAN UNDERDOG. Get on the USMNT bandwagon now, while they're still a sleeping giant,

THE MORE TALENTED TEAM WON. Don't call it an upset, because the better team won the NBA title.

MANZIEL, STILL PARTYING. Johnny Manziel can't hear you because he's got too much money in his hands.

DRUNKEN CART DRIVING. A guy in charge of transporting a reporter around at the U.S. Open was drunk and hit a cop.

WORLD CUP DRAMATICS. Highlights of the weekend were Switzerland winning on the last play of the game, and Robin Van Persie's ridiculous header.