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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/17/14

DREAMY #15! Fred Hoiberg landed the #15 spot in ESPN's ranking of Top 50 college basketball coaches. I can certainly understand (and might even agree with) UNC fans arguing Roy Williams shouldn't be below Fred, but the misinformation in their arguments in the comments is amazing.

WE'RE GOOD AT MARKETING! Iowa State Athletics Marketing received four awards for their work.

TOP 30 NON-CON. David Ubben goes in depth, ranking 30 Big 12 non-conference games.

BOEHEIM DOESN'T QUITE GET IT. Jim Boeheim is mostly against underclassmen leaving for the NBA early, because he looks at things in a vacuum.

AMERICA! Celebrations coast to coast as the United States defeated Ghana.

INCLUDING HILTON SOUTH. Hey, that P&L exploding in joy thing is a familiar sight!

NOT EXACTLY DIRECT. Some members of the American Outlaws thought they were flying direct from Houston to Natal.

AWESOME. A deaf, blind, Brazilian man is able to "watch" the World Cup thanks to his friends.

SEXY WHITEFACE. This whitefaced fan is Ghana make your viewing experience sexier.

TRAVEL AGENT SCREW UP. Capital of Happiness to the murder capital is a bad mistake.

KEEP PILING ON, JOGI. German manager Jogi Low makes Cristiano Ronaldo's day worse.