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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/18/14

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EJIM WINS. Iowa State's male athlete of the year is Melvin Ejim.

HALF TOP 25. Half of Iowa State's athletic programs were ranked in the Top 25 this season.

MISTER WORLDWIDES. Iowa State is going global with Pitbull endorsements Monte Morris in France, and Fred Hoiberg in Greece hanging out with Georgios Tsalmpouris.

EVEN THE WORST CASE ISN'T THAT BAD. Brandon Chatmon's best case/worst case scenarios for the Cyclones has a 9-3 best case, and a worst case that's only as bad as last year.

LOTS OF RETURNING PRODUCTION. Well, the defense looks incredibly thin and the offense was... less than good last year, but at least Iowa State is returning the most amount of offensive experience in the Big 12 this year.

BITCOIN BOWL. The Bitcoin Bowl is a real thing. No word yet if it will be played at Dogefield.

FOOD RULES Q&A. Wading through the NCAA's confusing food rules for athletes.

FUN FACTS ABOUT THE WORLD CUP. Useless but cool facts about every country there.

MORE VIOLENCE, PLEASE. A call for more violent futbol.

THE WORLD CUP IS KILLING PEOPLE. People in China are dying to watch the World Cup.

AND GETTING PEOPLE ARRESTED. If you're a drug lord flying to the World Cup, don't use your real name.

CLINT DEMPSEY, NOT JUST A SOCCER PLAYER. Let's hope his rap album is better than Shaq's.