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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/19/14

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BASKETBALL IS DOING WELL IN IOWA. Both Iowa State and Iowa were top 20 in attendance last season.

FARNIOK'S READY. After an injury filled 2013, Tom Farniok is feeling good about 2014.

MUCH LOVE. Cornell Mann was asked about Fred Hoiberg, so he pretty much read an essay about his love for Mayor McDreamy.

#HIRESENECA. Seneca Wallace wants to be a coach one day.

CRAZY CHILEANS. Chile is now 1-0-0 in World Cup play when their fans storm the stadium before the game. Of course, this led to a huge party in Santiago. The porn star who had sex with random fans for 12 hours after Chile's first win will be busy again.

THE DEATH OF SPAIN. What went wrong with Spain in arguably the worst performance by a defending champion ever? This guy sums it up perfectly.

SMOOOOOOOOTH. Who says World Cup refs aren't smooth operators?

GOAL OF THE TOURNAMENT? I didn't think anything could unseat Robin Van Persie's header (as immortalized by his grandpa here), but Tim Cahill's Aussiewondergoal might.

THIS SEEMS UNSAFE. A set of Maracana stairs is wobbling under the weight of all the fans.

THE LIFE OF MINOR LEAGUE TICKET SALES. The Arizona Sundogs are burying their execs until they reach a season ticket goal.

POP IS THE BEST. Gregg Popovich is trolling LeBron with his championship finger count.

NO, WE WANT TO PAY THEM. EA Sports' use of player likenesses was a major reason why the O'Bannon lawsuit happened, but if they had it their way, they'd just pay players and keep making the game.

MENTOS OVERLOAD. That whole Mentos+Coke thing in overdrive.