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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/2/14

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LAZARD Q&A. Jake Trotter asked Allen Lazard about getting to Iowa State and his expectations for his freshman year.

BURNHAM WINS COOKOFF. The football coaches had a cookoff, and Shane Burnham really improved his standing from last year's cookoff.

MMM MONEY. Iowa State is getting a lot of dough from the Big 12.

TWO MORE TO NCAAS. Kelly McCoy and Katy Moen are heading to the NCAA championships.

VARNER STILL KILLING IT. Jake Varner is having no problems winning at the World Trials.

SAD YOUPPI! The former Expos mascot turned Habs mascot had to get pictures wearing a Rangers jersey, and he is beyond sad.

THERE'S NO GAME, HOTEL BROS. The Marriott in Indianapolis was excited for the non-existent Game 7 of Miami-Indiana.

AND THEY SAY THE HEAT HAVE BAD FANS. Trash-talking octogenarian Heat grandma should prove otherwise.

BICYCLE KICKS WILL ALWAYS BE LINKED. Especially when there's this much elevation.

COLLEGE BASEBALL IS FUN. Ole Miss' beer showers are just one of the wonderful things we miss out on with no college baseball at Iowa State.

DOUBLE JUNK SHOTS. Nori Aoki and Adam Jones both get hit in the nuts, but in different ways. Variety!

TOEWS4MEXICOPREZ? The Chicago Blackhawks accidentally tweeted the President of Mexico to go fuck his own mother.