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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/20/14

NIANG'S NIKE EXPERIENCE. Cyclones.TV catches up with Georges Niang as he prepares for the Nike Big Man Skills Academy.

ALL BIG XII ROOKIE TEAM. The names are too numerous to list here, so head over to to see the full list from Iowa State.

#CHILLIN4CHARITY. Bill Fennelly is volunteering to be doused in cold water for charity.

NCAA LOVE FOR HALLIE. Hallie Christofferson is one of 71 female basketball players nominated for the NCAA's woman of the year.

WORKING ON MORE PT. Sherron Dorsey-Walker is a great shooter, but he's working on the other things to earn more playing time.

SIZE MATTERS. Iowa State finds themselves in an unfamiliar position heading into next basketball season: having length.

EMBIID INJURED AGAIN. Joel Embiid may be on the way to Greg Oden status, as he has broken his foot and will not attend the draft.

DEFINITELY HANDI-CAPABLE. Some fans are so desperate for World Cup tickets they'll pretend to be handicapped.

REDSKINS LOSE EXCLUSIVITY. The U.S. Patent Office has revoked the trademark of the Redskins moniker, as Jon Stewart so eloquently explains.

SPAIN AND FAILURE. A great article on how Spain came unraveled in this year's World Cup.

That's all for today folks.  CanAzn is indisposed and I'm heading out of town, so today's dump is of the splash and go variety.  If you want some entertainment for the day look for Norm's first of three parts about Iowa breweries at 10 AM!