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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/24/14

A DECADE OF IMPROVEMENT. The entire athletic department has really improved from 10 years ago.

LITTLE WALLACE. Seneca's cousin is the newest Cyclone in the family.

A WALKWAY OVER UNIVERSITY BOULEVARD ELWOOD DRIVE? Big 12 schools are improving their football facilities for fans, and Jamie Pollard talks about more than just the South End zone.

SAVING NCAA. How can EA bring back the immensely popular NCAA series?

JUST CHILL, SABAN. Steve Spurrier is giving Nick Saban life lessons.

MUNTARI GIVES BACK. Ghana's Sully Muntari visited a favela that no Brazilian player had ever been and made it rain.

WE'RE SO UNCOOL. What the rest of the world thinks about American soccer fans.

TAKING HIS TALENTS OUT OF SOUTH BEACH? It may mean nothing more than him taking less money to get more help in Miami, butLeBron James is opting out of the final year of his contract.

MIGUEL HERRERA IS MY NEW FAVORITE MANAGER. The Mexicans triumphed over Croatia to reach the knockout stage, and Miguel Herrera was a rollercoaster of emotions.

POOR TIMMY. Tim Kurkjian participated in the Brewers' sausage race. He did not do well.

ANTHEM FOR BEER. The beer fridge that gives you Molson for singing "O Canada".

A ROD LOVED HOOKERS. Four prostitutes a week was the diet for Alex Rodriguez.

NO MIXED EMOTIONS. Jurgen Klinsmann is so devoted to the USMNT, he won't even interact in German.