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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/26/14

THOMAS AND MORRIS DEBUT. Matt Thomas and Monte Morris are back in the CCL after being chauffeured around and in France, respectively.

THOMAS APOLOGIZES. Matt is very apologetic for his DUI arrest from two weeks ago.

DUAL LOTTERY PICKS. In a draft based purely on their resume in college basketball, both Melvin Ejim and DeAndre Kane are lottery picks.

SLEEPING WITH THE BASKETBALL. Melvin Ejim talks about how his treatment of his basketball led to his improvement over his college career.

NON-CONFERENCE ROUND UP. Cyclone Sidebar goes through the 2014-15 basketball non-conference schedule.

EVEN HIGHER PRAISE FOR HOIBERG. After finishing 15th in ESPN's ranking of college basketball coaches, Fred Hoiberg was drafted ninth in a CBS Sports draft.

JENSEN IS BIG FOR SUCCESS. Big 12 Blog lists Brandon Jensen's tackles as a stat that will lead the way to success for Iowa State.

WEIS LOVES THE HUGE TURNOUT. Charlie Weis is impressed with the 20 people who showed up to watch KU football camp.

BUT WHAT DO WE DO AT IOWA STATE? Bud Elliot says to ignore recruiting rankings and focus on the blue chips.

YOUR EXCUSE IS HERE. Jurgen Klinsmann has a get out of work free slip for your use.

FAST AND THE FURIOUS: GHANA APPEARANCE FEE EDITION. There's a giant truck filled with cash delivering appearance fees to Ghanaian players.

THE ANIMALS LOVE AMERICA. Psychic German animals love the US' chances.

WORLD CUP OF FLOP. The WSJ figures out how much each country has spent writhing around in agony.