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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/27/14

A true mid-morning dump has happened.

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NO DRAFT, NO PROBLEM. DeAndre Kane and Melvin Ejim were not drafted last night, but the draft certainly had its interesting moments.  Doug McDermott went to the Nuggets and then was traded to the Bulls and Joel Embiid disapproved of his pick.

COMPLETE DRAFT INFO. If you missed the draft you can find all of the picks on SBNation's fabulous Draft page, and also read their draft grades.

LEBRON THE GM. The Heat trading up to get Shabazz Napier was a clear ploy to get LeBron to stay in Miami.

BILL SIMMONS IS THE FUCKING WORST. Some of you like his writing, but we can all agree he shouldn't be on TV. Here's his reaction to Boston's selection of James Young, and then his reaction to Miami's selection of Napier.

SILVER IS A SOLID COMMISH. Adam Silver drafting Isaiah Austin, and then offering him a job, was one of the cooler things you'll see in a professional sports draft.

DIRECTORS' CUP! A solid spring performance from Iowa State's teams pushed the Cyclones to a 38th overall finish in the Directors Cup.

GET THOSE PACKETS. For those parents whose kids are in the Junior Cyclone Club, you can pick up your packets on July 12th and schmooze with some spirit squad members!

NOTHING'S GOING TO HOLD HER DOWN. An eight months pregnant woman raced in the US Track & Field Championships.


THE HAPPENINGS IN BRAZIL. What happened in the World Cup yesterday other than CONTINUED AMERICAN DOMINANCE?

BEL...GIUM? The Yanks will play Belgium in the Round of 16 on Tuesday, July 1st at 3 PM.

HOW SWEET IT ISN'T. There will be sweet corn for the 4th of July this year, but it isn't coming from Iowa.