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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/3/14

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HE WAS IN. Seneca Wallace's NFL career is probably over, so what's he up to now?

EIGHTH IN THE BIG 12. Athlon is predicting an eighth place finish for the Cyclones this year, and they also put Quenton Bundrage on the cover.

DAMN YOU APPLEBEES. This commercial is all kinds of terrible, even without a reference to Ames Water.

POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS. Jeff Woody and swimmer Sarah Norris have both been awarded post-graduate scholarships for their excellence in the classroom.

PLEASE LET IT BE SOON. Art Briles is interested in seeing if his offense works in the NFL.

O'BANNON PRIMER. What to know about the most important college athletics trial in history.

EEPHUS. The best eephus pitch ever?

HARRY CARAY MIGHT HAVE HAD A PROBLEM. 288 straight days in bars for the Cub legend.

JUBILATION. Drew Doughty celebrating a game 7 win to go to the Stanley Cup finals is pure joy.

I'M OUT, BOSSMAN. Matt Ufford talks to a bunch of people who are leaving their jobs for the World Cup.

THE LONG VOYAGE TO AFRICA. Those Broncos Super Bowl t-shirts are finally making their way to Africa.